Have I Really Fasted?

As I watch the clock tick,
And minutes pass by,
A question strikes my mind,
Though, I presently don’t know why.
I look through every jar,
And I open every lid,
I ask myself suspiciously,
“Have I really fasted?”

I didn’t eat a thing,
I’m sure-throughout the day,
I think again-I’m positive,
All five prayers-I did pray.
I begin to talk about
how much I dislike the neighbour’s kid,
The question troubles me again,
“Have I really fasted?”

I picked on my sister,
I’ve been ungrateful, too.
I might have shouted once or twice,
And I haven’t said what’s true.
I didn’t nourish my soul,
Yes-that’s what I did.
I find the answer to the thought-provoking question:
“Have I really fasted?”,

I didn’t swallow food
Anger-I swallowed, neither.
Have I been gentle to the poor, or read the Qura’an?
I wonder, “Have I done either?”
Sadly, I haven’t, but,
Tomorrow, I bid,
That I’ll do all I haven’t so.
I can finally say, “Yes I have fasted”.


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