The Ordinary Protective Bullying

I’ve been asked why I despise her

Yet love her all the same,

I can find no simpler answer,

Than a factual, actual claim.


You see, it is very normal,

To bully and protect at once.

You might think it abysmal,

But it always happens so, by chance.


The relationship is made so,

I believe, by default.

And even as we grow,

There’s no noticeable change in our mutual assault.


Yet you put a finger on her,

And you’ll be sent flying,

to the other end of the world,

and tortured till you’re profusely crying.


By now, if you have one,

You would have already guessed.

And if you don’t, your brain,

May be tantalisingly stressed.


So without further delay,

I shall tell you why our canister,

Of exploding love exists.

You see, she happens to be, my little sister.


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