The Star

Assalamoalaikum (peace be upon you)! I wrote this poem for my grandfather who passed away a few years ago. He has always been a source of inspiration for me. He was, is and always will be my role model.


You were a star, who came on Earth,

To spread joy, happiness and mirth,

You illuminated hearts to spread smiles,

Your lustre would spread across miles,

Your destination was the sky,

Because whenever you fell, you rose to retry.

Your momentary stay here,

Was just to prove how well you’d do up there.

When we found out that Allah had called you back to Him,

When we thought that the light of life will perpetually dim,

Darker and gloomier, the night grew,

But stars are meant to shine at night,

One day we’ll be there too,

Maybe not as big, and not as bright,

But we’ll be there with you,

To spread the light.


4 thoughts on “The Star

  1. wow sania u r a great poet and author indeed ur words….they are just soooooo amazing keep writing 🙂 u exprees ur thoughts so well and yeah hope u become a great role model for us just as ur grandfather was, is and will be for u and the entire humanity. love u javeria here.


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