Starlight In Gaza

Stargazing, stargazing on a young night,

From the green young garden, in the young starlight,

It is time to explore the shapes of the stars,

It is time to find, possibly, Venus and Mars,

Mommy laughs. I don’t know why,

Because she finds some semblance between me and the sky.

But I like it when she laughs, so I don’t ask,

I find, among the shining stars, a dramatist’s mask.


Stargazing, stargazing on an old night,

From the once green, now barren garden, in the young starlight,

Oh! The swampy depths of the broad, old sky,

Mommy used to laugh and I didn’t know why,

But mommy is not in the garden anymore,

Nor daddy, nor sister, nor the tenant-sophomore,  Brother tenant-sophomore died of a rocket, evilly cast,

Mommy, daddy and sister were killed by a bomb blast,


Sister once jumped on me, with a crayon-coloured heart,

She said, “I love you and we’ll never be apart”,

“Li’l sisters,” Brother sophomore had once called us to his room,

He gifted us sunflower seeds. He said they would bloom,

Daddy once hugged me and threw me in the air,

He caught me and said: “I will always be there”,

Mommy once kissed me at night before sleep,

She said she would always, whenever I’d weep,


I was at school, when they were all killed,

The flowers never bloomed-couldn’t be watered by blood, spilled,

I parted from sister, daddy wasn’t there,

I wept but mommy’s kisses seemed to be nowhere.

They all died, and I don’t know why,

They’ve all become another constellation of the sky,

But the sky became old when it saw me weep,

It stayed up with me, all the nights I couldn’t sleep,

The stars shone brighter, but the sky grew dark,

It became dull and gloomy and stark.

That is the semblance between us, now I see,

The sky’s a friend who changes along with me,


Then it shone a little brighter as if it was giving me a sign,

I heard something LOUD……………

everything is now fine,


Stargazing, stargazing on a brighter night,

Only, I’m no more in the garden, I am in the starlight,

The blast has sent me to glow with my constellation,

They’re welcoming me with a mighty celebration,

But I can still see the rubble from up here,

I can only look down and helplessly glare,

At those who destroyed the once young and green garden,

But I’m told: one day, they shall beg for pardon,

Yesterday, here came, their young lancer,

Died of guilt; they called it cancer.

He lost all his guns, he lost all his pride,

He lost the surety in his stride.


For now, many new stars have come up here,

Some constellations complete, many waiting for those still out there,

The flowers here bloom, the promises here are kept,

All the stars here have long worried and wept,

Our tears are now wiped, but our heart hopefully gapes,

Whenever a stargazing child looks at us to find shapes,

She finds the mask, but not what is behind,

Constellations, large and many, unimaginable for her little mind.



I hope that no child hears the loud sound again,

That another stargazer will sit in the garden,

She will gaze at the stars without fear,

Of losing her garden to violent military gear,

We hope!


The garden is being rebuilt and revived,

Seeds are now sown, where flowers once thrived,

It will again be young and green one day,

Because so many have cried and so many pray.


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