The Peshawar Attack: We Will Not Remain Silent

You have been murdered

ruthlessly, brutally,

Rather; you have been hunted

mercilessly, like prey,

Your smiles are now blood-stained flesh,

Your families, but, mourning silhouettes

of beings downtrodden and distressed,


Writers have lost their words,

Singers have lost their melodies,

Speakers have lost their speech,

In the shock and pain of what happened to you today.


But o you who were butchered today,

O you who died,

Along with so many,

Whose hearts are heavy with grief and,

Whose mouths cannot pronounce

words fitting to mourn your death,

O you who weren’t spared,


We will not let this be,

your murder will be avenged,

But you have not died-not for us,

not for any soul that is alive,

You live within our hearts,

Like a light within a lamp,

As a spark within the dark,

As unity amid chaos.


It is those monsters, void of conscience,

Who killed you,

That have died,

These behemoths, these dead souls,

Will be punished,


If not today, then tomorrow,

If not now, then soon,

Because, in the end,

“Everyone upon the earth will perish,

And there will remain the Face of your Lord,

Owner of Majesty

and Honor.”*

“And He is the best of judges.”**


*The Quran, 55:26-27

**The Quran, 7:87

(translation taken from


5 thoughts on “The Peshawar Attack: We Will Not Remain Silent

      1. Exactly. The mothers of the victims have nerves of steel. They have sacrificed the most, their hopes and dreams for their kids. They are in a better place now, though.
        Pray for Pakistan, Sania.


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