The Man with Magic, Spells and Superpowers

Many know that he is honest and respectful,

In what he has to do or say,

And I would absolutely love to

Be like him some day.


So whenever he begins to speak,

I listen very intently,

Because my father’s more extraordinary,

Than many people see.


They think that his talks are intelligent words

With an effect that lasts,

But I know they are something greater,

They are the spells that he casts.


There’s magic in how he finds

Happiness in seeing me smile,

And for that, he’s  always ready

To run the extra mile.


He is so courageous and

Unwavering in the face of fear,

My father is a hero,

With powers that are rare.


I hope to follow his footsteps,

To wherever he will go,

Because my father has more magic,

Than many people know.


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