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To Dada (Grandfather)

Dear Dada,

It’s been four years since you left us and I have never been able to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, from delivering the adhaan (call to prayer) in my ear to teaching me the Quran. And perhaps, no note of gratitude will be enough for that. However, I will still try; because that is the least that I can do.

Thank you Dada for teaching me the most valuable of lessons; not through preachy sermons, but through your living example. Although I often forget to use them, they are precious lessons, nonetheless.

Thank you Dada; for teaching me that belittling others should not be a source of pride; that bravery does not exist in shouting and cursing-rather, it is found in being patient and steadfast.

Thank you for being a role model for me-not only through your outstanding academic and professional achievements, but through your proverbial humbleness; which taught me that nobody should consider themselves superior to others, no matter what.

Thank you for showing me that there is nothing wrong with using a walking stick for moving around. But you never asked us to slow down for you, or to do the smallest of things for you like bringing you a glass of water, although doing any of that would have been a source of happiness for us. You showed me that what truly matters is the brave struggle to keep standing on your feet, and the effort to keep moving ahead, with dignity and self-reliance.

Thank you Dada, for showing me that hard work pays off; that one shouldn’t waste time; that it is wonderful to be funny and witty; that one should be forgiving and kind; and how essential it is to bear troubles with patience, hope and unflinching faith in Allah as you did.

May Allah bless you with the highest of places in Jannah (paradise).


The Man with Magic, Spells and Superpowers

Many know that he is honest and respectful,

In what he has to do or say,

And I would absolutely love to

Be like him some day.


So whenever he begins to speak,

I listen very intently,

Because my father’s more extraordinary,

Than many people see.


They think that his talks are intelligent words

With an effect that lasts,

But I know they are something greater,

They are the spells that he casts.


There’s magic in how he finds

Happiness in seeing me smile,

And for that, he’s  always ready

To run the extra mile.


He is so courageous and

Unwavering in the face of fear,

My father is a hero,

With powers that are rare.


I hope to follow his footsteps,

To wherever he will go,

Because my father has more magic,

Than many people know.

The Ordinary Protective Bullying

I’ve been asked why I despise her

Yet love her all the same,

I can find no simpler answer,

Than a factual, actual claim.


You see, it is very normal,

To bully and protect at once.

You might think it abysmal,

But it always happens so, by chance.


The relationship is made so,

I believe, by default.

And even as we grow,

There’s no noticeable change in our mutual assault.


Yet you put a finger on her,

And you’ll be sent flying,

to the other end of the world,

and tortured till you’re profusely crying.


By now, if you have one,

You would have already guessed.

And if you don’t, your brain,

May be tantalisingly stressed.


So without further delay,

I shall tell you why our canister,

Of exploding love exists.

You see, she happens to be, my little sister.

The Star

Assalamoalaikum (peace be upon you)! I wrote this poem for my grandfather who passed away a few years ago. He has always been a source of inspiration for me. He was, is and always will be my role model.


You were a star, who came on Earth,

To spread joy, happiness and mirth,

You illuminated hearts to spread smiles,

Your lustre would spread across miles,

Your destination was the sky,

Because whenever you fell, you rose to retry.

Your momentary stay here,

Was just to prove how well you’d do up there.

When we found out that Allah had called you back to Him,

When we thought that the light of life will perpetually dim,

Darker and gloomier, the night grew,

But stars are meant to shine at night,

One day we’ll be there too,

Maybe not as big, and not as bright,

But we’ll be there with you,

To spread the light.