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Go Read Your History Right

I am a textbook-the only source of history that you claim to need,

The only damage you think I cause is to force you to read,

But I am the product of a careful, systematic design,

You would be naïve to think that I am benign.

I establish ignorant conjecture as an unquestionable fact,

Ensure that the policies of the authorities remain intact,

I am made to deceive; not for you to explore,

Personal opinions and shrouded reality have created my lore.


They will teach you religion till they ensure,

That it sounds like a fanatic maxim of war,

They will tell you that questions are forbidden here,

Don’t fall for it, for goodness sake, my dear.

The history they’ll teach you will make you unkind.

Please do not let my pages turn you blind.


So as you skim through my crafted timeline,

Don’t let them tell you that this is all fine,

Don’t let them glorify any fabricated quote,

Don’t learn falsities mindlessly, by rote,

Learn to distinguish patriots from xenophobes,

And true scholars from mere men in fancy robes,


Go look for the truths, un-censoring stirs upon stirs,

That would make their heroes look like monsters,

And go search for the facts buried deep in the sands of time,

The ones they didn’t publish and the ones they’ve grimed.


So go and read your history once again,

Go read it right, this time, my friend.


Have I Really Fasted?

As I watch the clock tick,
And minutes pass by,
A question strikes my mind,
Though, I presently don’t know why.
I look through every jar,
And I open every lid,
I ask myself suspiciously,
“Have I really fasted?”

I didn’t eat a thing,
I’m sure-throughout the day,
I think again-I’m positive,
All five prayers-I did pray.
I begin to talk about
how much I dislike the neighbour’s kid,
The question troubles me again,
“Have I really fasted?”

I picked on my sister,
I’ve been ungrateful, too.
I might have shouted once or twice,
And I haven’t said what’s true.
I didn’t nourish my soul,
Yes-that’s what I did.
I find the answer to the thought-provoking question:
“Have I really fasted?”,

I didn’t swallow food
Anger-I swallowed, neither.
Have I been gentle to the poor, or read the Qura’an?
I wonder, “Have I done either?”
Sadly, I haven’t, but,
Tomorrow, I bid,
That I’ll do all I haven’t so.
I can finally say, “Yes I have fasted”.