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That Spark of Hope in Pakistan

Amid all the turmoil that Pakistan is witnessing, tomorrow, the anthem will be sung with the eternal hope and pride which, despite receiving could-have-been fatal injuries, has lived through and will live to the end.  (Insha’Allah)

Here is to that hope:


My heart is about to explode. Help! No, I will not ask for help. But I feel so helplessly far.

Oh NO!There is always that spark left, even in the ashes of a flame. We still have that spark left. No! We will not crush it.

But do you know? That last spark is the strongest and most resilient. That is why it lasts beyond the end. That last spark shines beneath the remnants of flame, trash and rubble.

No! All the heaps of the world will not kill that spark.

My heart delays the explosion.


My heart resuscitates.

It will not explode.


One Sword, One Strike

It’s awkward how the fear of losing can be paralysing. Strange, how it can let loose of the grip on strength, practice and hard work.

Strange, how the fear of never succeeding can be so overwhelming.

Strange, how each moment becomes an hour, and an hour’s worth of days, filled with anxiety and terror.

Strange….how, sometimes, it is all on one moment- one moment of unflinching nerve and unwavering valour.

Just one moment of mindless strength.

Just one strike with the sword of faith and the battleground is yours.

The medal might swing from someone else’s neck, but victory is yours.

For faith is power, and overcoming fear…